April 11th, 2019
Jesse Gussow


One cannot help but be drawn to the colours in the photographs by Emma Parla-Aziz. Specifically, the way she captures the vibrant colours of her subject's hair is great. It grabs your attention and allows you to take in the rest of the image. Furthermore, the way she uses the natural light in her outdoor photography is stunning as it helps to make the models and mother earth herself appear angelic. Truly magnificent skills.



Where are you from?

I was born in Aventura, FL but I grew up and currently reside in Tewksbury, MA.



What inspires your work?

I’m Wiccan so I draw a lot of inspiration from nature and Wicca. I also take inspiration from mythology as well as artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, Dalí, and Kahlo.



What equipment do you like to work with?

I shoot with a Canon 6D!



How do you prepare for a shoot?

It depends. I organize a lot of group photoshoots and that takes A LOT of preparation. I usually start planning and organizing a few months in advance. Other shoots that are more of a one on one situation or smaller concepts I’ll usually take a day or two to get the shoot organized.



What is your favourite dinosaur?




What do you want people to experience when they see your work?

I always want to evoke emotion from my viewers. A lot of my work is based around body positivity, self-acceptance, LGBTQ+ rights, sex worker rights, and mental illness. I want those who feel lost or drowned out to look at my work and feel comforted, and I want those who are closed minded to feel challenged to examine their thoughts.



How would you describe your photography style?

Fine Art.



What aspect in doing photography do you think you over-obsess about that is probably not necessary?

I am definitely my own worst critic. There will be photos that I edit, re-edit, and edit again because I’m just never satisfied with the outcome.



What is a photographer’s job in today's culture and society?

As photographers it is our job to be educated and respectful when it comes to models and clients. Making sure a model or client feels safe and comfortable is our number one job. It’s also our job to create something with purpose and passion.



Where would you love to see your work?

I’d really love to have my own gallery someday.



How has your work evolved over time?

My work has progressed into something more confident and more me. When I first started I was trying too hard to fit into something I thought my art should fit into. Once I let go of all preconceived notions I was able to really explore and find my own niche.



What do you wish to be more proficient at?

I’m learning to be more and more directive during photoshoots and during the organizing stages before photoshoots.



Do you prefer Oreo or Fudgee-O cookies?

Oreos all the way!


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