September 26th, 2018
Jesse Gussow


A fair amount of the photography by Lina Kozlovska has a quite dark, malevolent feel to it. But upon closer inspection it also has a very subtle vulnerability. It’s hard to not get emotional looking at her work. She does a lot of wedding photography with a special emphasis on same sex couples and it’s absolutely powerful imagery. Keeping with her style of dark and foreboding scenes it only heightens the powerful emotions that are conveyed by the subjects.  



Where are you from?

I am from Lithuania, but I currently live in Bremen, Germany.



How did you get started on your photography journey?

My photography journey began about 3 years ago. At first I started by photographing my children and later on as my photography skills improved I moved onto photographing people outside of my family.



Where do you find the inspiration for your work?

Everywhere. It could be from a movie, a song, sometimes ideas are born just by taking a simple walk through the forest or city.



What do you want people to feel when they see your work?

I am a photographer of emotions. In every single one of my pictures, there HAS to be emotion, if there is no emotion then the picture has no 'life'.



Who do you like to work with? Specific models?

My style of photography is people exclusively and my best models are my children. From time to time I meet unique and beautiful people with whom many beautiful works are created.



Do you work alone or with a team of people?

All my works are created by me alone.



What do you shoot with?

At the moment I am photographing with a Canon EOS 6D Full Frame camera. The lenses that I use are Canon 17-40mm, 50mm and Helios 44-2.



What makes photography special to you?

Photography is special to me as I can express myself through it. I can portray emotions, thoughts and views of the world.



If you had a time machine, where would you go, what would you do, and why?

A time machine is not something that I would like to make use of as I firmly believe that I was born at the right time and at the right place. Everything that happens, happens for a reason and should not be changed.



Do you edit your own pieces?

Yes, I edit all of my pictures by myself.



How have you changed from when you first started to now?

There have been a lot of changes since the beginning, with the most obvious being my editing, photographing skills and even creativity. As with everything, the more time you invest, the better you become, especially if you enjoy what you do.



What does your photography say about you?

My photography shows the type of person that I am. Through my pictures I attempt to portray emotions that I might be feeling at the time or thoughts that come to me.



If you were not a photographer what would you do instead?

If I were not a photographer I would probably be milking cows. Jokes aside, I would most likely be doing something of no interest to me and also something that brings no joy to life.



How do you stand out as a photographer?

In my own personal opinion I stand out as a photographer because I am currently focusing on marriage photography of same gender couples.



Do you prefer Oreo or Fudgee-O cookies?

I have tried Oreos, but not Fudgee-Os. I do not like Oreos and since Fudgee-Os look similar, I guess I would not like them either.


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