November 1st, 2017
Jesse Gussow

The first time I saw a poster for a punk show done by the master punk artist Lisa Czech, I was immediately pulled into an amazing punk grimy world and never wanted to leave. I’ve always loved that subculture. Lisa’s work is the defining art for that subculture. Biking leather and drinking and just not giving a fuck about what people think. The art is also very much the same way and I’m glad I stumbled upon it. Her pieces make me laugh and just enjoy the people I’ve met.


Where are you from?

I was born in Montreal, Quebec.



How did you get started on your artistic journey?

I began drawing as a kid, mostly inventing new characters for shows I watched, like Sailor Moon or Power Rangers. As a teenager I started making posters for punk and garage shows.


How would you describe your art?

Satirical, cartoony, chaotic yet simple, surreal.


What's the best description of your art you've heard described by someone else?

I can't think of a particular instance but whenever someone has compared my stuff to the Hernandez Brothers or Julie Doucet I take it as a huge compliment because they've been a huge influence on me.


Where does your inspiration come from for your work?

I like people-watching and seeing how people interact in busy places. I take a lot of inspiration from compositions and poses in classical painting. Also, going to second hand stores or flea markets and thinking of all the objects and what their lives were like before they got where they ended up, and who owned them. Walking or biking in quiet, pretty places. Studying history history and learning about what happened in the past, and thinking about what will happen in the future. A lot of my ideas specifically come from dreams or from automatic writing, and I think a lot of the aforementioned activities contribute to what comes out.


What mediums do you work with?

China ink, coloured inks, watercolour.


If you had a time machine what would you do with it?

I would go back and spend more time with loved ones who have passed away.


How long does a typical piece take to complete?

About 2-3 days.


If you were not an artist what job would you have?



Where might we have seen your work?

On the Internet!


Where would you love to see your work?

I'd love to collaborate with a fashion designer or textile designer and see more of my stuff being worn in other ways than on a t-shirt!


When you aren't creating art, what do you like to do?

I like sitting in the park or by a body of water with a friend or two, drinking wine, making jokes and gossiping and eating snacks.


What is your favourite season and why?

Fall because it's the spooky one.


What art supplies are a must?

China ink, a tiny paintbrush, pencil, eraser, scanner, computer.


Do you prefer Oreo or Fudgee-O cookies?


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