Taken by Diana Hahn 
Instagram: dascha_ha
Taken by Diana Hahn 
Instagram: dascha_ha
Taken by Diana Hahn 
Instagram: dascha_ha
Taken by Diana Hahn 
Instagram: dascha_ha
Taken by Diana Hahn 
Instagram: dascha_ha
Taken by Diana Hahn 
Instagram: dascha_ha
Taken by Diana Hahn 
Instagram: dascha_ha

January 23rd, 2020
Jesse Gussow



The work that Model Mickey creates is incredible. Each image that you view of her feels emotional, not only in feelings but the emotional toil it takes on the body. She poses with every part of her being. Creating such strong imagery that stops and makes you take in every part of the photo. The shots of her staring directly into the lens hit you the hardest. It feels like with one look she’s showcasing a vast array of emotions, so vast and fleeting that you cannot look away. Pain, anguish, fear, anger, fearlessness, and sadness to name a few, yet there are so many more it’s an remarkable skill.




Where are you from?

Cologne, Germany but I am half Egyptian, half German.



How did you get started in modelling?

My girlfriends wanted to push up my self esteem, and got me a shoot as a surprise.



What inspires you in your work?

Music, feelings and most of all the people I work with and their positive and creative energy - Sounds spiritual but it’s a fact.



How do you prepare for a shoot?

Omg I should sleep more 😅 I screenshot moods all the time that I’m on social media, so I check the ones I think would fit and decide what to wear. If I have a mood board from the photographer I am working with I would go through them. I definitely shave my legs and due to travelling I triple check my bag cause I don’t want to forget anything.



What are your favourite types of shoots to do?

I can not answer that cause I always do projects I really love. I think the ones I can learn something new or try out something new.



If you could how would you describe your style?

In private life - fun. I wear what I like and if trousers fit with my sweater I’m comfy ☺️
In-front of the camera - changeable. I wear whatever the stylist or photographer wants me to wear from body paint over rubber to princess dresses and just get in the mood.



If you could take three animals and mix them together to make a super animal. What animals would you use and what would you call it?

I have to mix them ... okay! A baby axolotl cause they look cute but you should read about them they are very interesting, a bear cause its my favourite animal and they are strong as hell and a humming-bird cause it’s so fast.

A very strong, fast colourful and hairy underwater creature haha the BB-A“ got that from BB-8 from Star Wars.



Have you created your own concept for a shoot?

No, not really. I think most of the time the photographer and I do have something in mind and than we pitch our ideas. Once we have a theme and I create/buy a costume.



What do you want people to feel when they see your work?

The passion behind it. I always want people to know that what they see was created by a very creative soul behind the camera. And that most of the pics made my muscle ache for days.



What is the biggest challenge you’ve overcome since you've been modelling?

Reading comments - people commenting pictures of me like they know me personally based on my outward appearance and sometimes get very hurtful doing that. I just had to get a thicker skin.



How was your first professional shoot you ever did?

I was stiff as a board. Didn‘t know what to do at all haha. But the photographer was very nice and I survived.



Do you have a routine for yourself to prepare for a shoot?

Packing unpacking packing haha I am travelling a lot sometimes and I have to unpack, wash my stuff and pack again between working, cooking and meeting with friends. But I have no specific routine.



If you could work with anyone in the world who would you just kill for a chance to work with?

Oh my thats a tough one. I hope to continue working with Diana Hahn (dascha_ha) and Stefan Gesell (fotosym). I would love to work with Jeremy Gibbs again. And spontaneously I would say with Rafa (f.estival) from Madrid or Sandro Giordano (__remmidemmi)... there are just too many, sorry.



How have you grown from when you first started to now?

In my outward appearance? I grew my hair back, that changed a lot how I look.

I learned a lot about myself mostly How to take care of myself, if it’s getting too much I pause for a bit. I had to learn that I don’t have to please anyone but myself. In the end it’s my health and I only got that one.



What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Never go to a shoot alone, do the things you like and never the ones you feel uncomfortable with. Be different.



Do you prefer Oreo or Fudgee-O cookies?

None. Everyone who knows me well knows I have a sweet tooth for licorices so you get all the cookies you like but don’t touch my licorices haha.

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