March 29th, 2017

Jesse Gussow

While researching cosplayers I was shocked to find out one very well known one was right in my little city. I reached out to Naomi VonKreeps to see if she would be interested in telling us about her cosplaying. Her cosplays are pretty awesome, being very extravagant and extremely detailed. Seems like a lot of cosplayers just want to show off their figure, but Naomi has done some of the best cosplays I’ve ever seen and many aren’t revealing or overtly sexual. I’m glad she was able to take some time and answer my questions.


Where are you from?

I’m from the great white north, Ottawa, Canada, eh! I’m writing this while drinking a beer with maple syrup chasers. Haha I kid I kid. I’m only drinking maple syrup.



How did you first get started in Cosplay?

Many years ago, I remember seeing pictures of people dressed up as their favorite movie/comic/video game characters and thought THIS IS AWESOME!  Since I’ve been a huge fan of Star Wars since I was a kid, I thought to myself I’m going to make the greatest Stormtrooper costume ever!! I didn’t. I put together the worst costume in existence. I cringe just thinking about it.



You make your own cosplay outfits. How long does it take to make one from start to finish? Let’s use the Assassin Creed one as an example.

It’s really hard to say. Cosplay is only a hobby of mine, so I work on them in my free time/when I feel like it. My Edward Kenway cosplay took about 6 months, give or take.



The first time you cosplayed, what were you feeling before, during and after?

The first time I cosplayed, I was wearing my terrible Stormtrooper costume (I can’t even call it a cosplay - lol) and it was for a photo shoot and I of course felt badass. First time I cosplayed at a con, I was incredibly nervous before and during and absolutely amazed that it didn’t fall apart.



What is the cosplaying community like? Is it pretty inclusive or is it tough to break into?

The cosplay community is generally really amazing and supportive. Most everyone is open to answering questions on how they made things which is always helpful no matter how many costumes one has created. Cosplayers are constantly learning how make different things and without the sharing of knowledge from others, many of us would find ourselves giving up on projects. I don’t think it’s inclusive or tough to break into. If you cosplay, you’re part of the community. There is no secret code to get in.



What kind of books and music do you like?

Right now I’m all about the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. I freaking love the series. Musically, I’m into all sorts of different music. From metal, to dubstep to trance.



What are you working on now?

Right now I’m working on my barb [Barbarian] cosplay from d3 (Diablo 3). This will be my third d3 cosplay. I love that game so much!



Which con would you like to go to that you haven't yet?

I would love to go to SDCC (San Diego ComicCON).



Who is your favourite cosplayer?

Wow…really there are too many to name. Nigri, Kamui, Lightning cosplay to name a few.



What is your most memorable experience cosplaying so far?

I’d have to say getting recognized at all the cons I’ve attended is pretty darn memorable.



What did you think of Rogue One? Feel free to rant if you like.

I loved it. I really enjoyed the storyline and how it fit into a New Hope. Felicity’s character/acting was a bit flat though.



What did you do before you did cosplay?

Before cosplaying, my hobby was jewelry making.



Where do you find your inspiration for your cosplay?

Usually from whatever I’m obsessed about at the time, mostly d3. (Diablo 3) - lol



When you cosplay are you the character or are you always Naomi Von Kreeps?

I’m always me - lol. I can’t get away from my goofy, awkward personality



Do you prefer Oreo or Fudgee-O cookies? Or some other unhealthy treat?

Oreos all the wayyyyy! Fudgee-O’s are gross!

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