March 5th, 2020
Jesse Gussow

The characters created by Nataša Milić aka Doli art outright beautiful. With their strong cheekbones and powerful jawline, some of them have a very androgynous look. Her ability to capture so much emotion and feeling in her characters eyes also make them stunning. There is a strong syfy vibe to her work very Gigeresque. Finally Doli’s use of colours in her work is out of this world. Bright and vibrant colours balanced with blacks.




Where are you from?

I am from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but since 1996, I've been living in Bijeljina, also in Bosnia. There was war here, from 1992-1995 in Bosnia, many families had to move and leave their homes. I live in Bijeljina but my home is Sarajevo, forever!



How did you get started in art?

I have been drawing since I was a little child. My childhood was challenging because of the war. I had to stay at home all the time. It wasn't possible to go outside and play, so all I was doing was drawing.

I've been hiding my artwork since I was 20. I had my first exhibition six years ago and created my artistic name St.Dolly.

So I've been doing it professionally since 2014.



What inspires your artwork?

My inspiration is my psychological and emotional vibe.

I draw what I feel. My emotions, my fears, my anxiety, my problems, everything that's inside me in one specific moment. I put that on my canvas or paper.

Sometimes, I have a creepy feeling that my artwork is outside my control. Best way to explain it; my hand is doing it all by itself, my brain is commanding my arm what to draw and how to do it :)

I am that Doll/frozen marionette you can see in my artworks. She is always different, with different emotions and my own feelings, but she is always frozen.



What is your complete process for your work? What medium do you use?

First I made a pencil sketch.

I must say I never actually know what I am going to draw/paint. It comes by itself, like I said, my hands are a tool making art.

After that I use acrylic colours, markers, pencil, acrylic spray paints.. Mixed media :)



How long does it take to complete a piece?

It depends on many aspects, the thing I'm drawing, the way I do it, the techniques I use and the mood that I'm in.

Usually, it doesn't take long because I am dedicated and focused. The time flies when you do something you love.

One or two days, depending of the format I'm doing. If it's a big piece, 1m x 70cm, I'll need more time. Smaller formats 70cm x 50cm are easier and faster to do.



How is being an artist in Europe different than North America?

Huh, that's a good question.

European people love my art. I've sold a lot of artworks within Europe: Germany, Switzerland, Montenegro and the United Kingdom. I've even sold pieces to Canada and Iceland.

Bosnia is specific country with specific people. I have fans here, and I have support but so many people here don't understand my art.

Also, you need to understand that political situation and economy aren't good especially for youth. People don't have time and money to support any kind of art. Its very hard to be a successful artist in Bosnia.



What is your favourite film?

My favourite film is Cloud Atlas



If you were not an artist what job would you have and why?

I'm a pharmacist, and I have a master of pharmacy. That is my real job. I find it is very like art. When you're making some liquid or medicine or face creams it is also art with a chemistry.

My art is my job from my heart and soul.

I am self-taught artist, and I am very proud of myself. I did it all by myself from my emotions.



How would you describe your work?

My work is different.

It is unique because it comes from my deepest emotions.

I said already about that main doll, marionette. She is me. I am her. We are in love and pain, in chaos and peace together. I am real, and the Doll is a creation of myself.

My Doll is my fiction, main character of my art, she is living hard moments and she is pretty and ugly at the same time. She is also creepy and bizarre, sometimes hurt but still stands strong.

I love my mistakes in my artworks, and perfection doesn't exist, it is an illusion. Thats' why I do not try to fix my mistakes, I love them, they give a special kind of beauty to my Doll.



What does your work say about you?

My art tells everything about me, if you know to see, not just to watch.

I am not afraid to draw my deepest and intimate details. In my old artworks, you couldn't see anything except weird illustrated Doll. I was hiding myself behind her.

Now, I'm on another vibe. I am showing to people everything. The anxiety and the post-traumatic experiences. Such as my survival of domestic abuse.

I am what I am, never made fake things or lies. I love myself with the bad and the good in me. I have met my inner monster, deepest pain and fear. I am not afraid anymore to show who I am, to all world. I am showing it with my Art.



Do you take commissions? Or is it all your own ideas?

Everything you see in my art is my own idea.

I hate people who copy and paste art.

That is very irritating. Like you're stealing someone's personality.

I must say, Giger is the biggest artist ever, for me.

My aliens are Giger's aliens, in my own way. A lot of people tell me that I have a lot of Giger's influence, and I'm proud of that!



What was the biggest challenge when you first started making art?

Biggest challenge...

Trying to figure out what kind of artist I am. Oil painter or acrylic painter? Am I a painter or a illustrator? I can now say that I'm a mixed media illustrator.



What's the biggest challenge now?

I want to do a huge mural :)

I am searching for a legal wall. It's my biggest challenge right now.



What do you hope to do with your art in the future?

Well, I am also doing some sculptures and mannequin renewal.

I am taking old dolls and removing their faces then make my own creations.

Random dolls for hairstyles. I am about to make a collection of these dolls.

Also, I was doing t-shirts and hoodies with my art on them. It was a very successful project. I ordered a machine for printing on clothes and I want to make my own clothing brand.



Do you prefer Oreo cookies or Fudgee-O cookies?


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