There are so many talented artists all over the planet. Being based in Canada, I wanted to showcase more “local” talent. Montreal Artist Nathalie Lagace more than fits the bill. Her work is meticulous. The subject matter is bizarre. Human babies and animals have come together to form stunning images. You really need to see her work to understand just how beautiful it is. Her work uses primarily black and grey but her use of colour, when she does use it, just makes the work pop that much more. Take a look at the following interview and the work that she shared with us, and I’m sure you’ll see that she’s clearly a world class artist.


1. Where are you from?

I was born and I grew up in Montreal. I now live on the outskirts of town where there are more green pastures and wild life. The pine on my front lawn is the home a family of wild rabbits. I enjoy watching them from my studio.


2. What got you interested in art?

I've always been fascinated by the emotions a piece of art can stir in me. It is kind of magical; depending on the piece, you can feel a strong connection, like if it was familiar, like seeing a feeling. It takes just one art piece in your living space to feel inhabited... it brings a soul!


3. Where do you find your inspiration?

Through beauty of nature and worries about the way we treat it. It's the reason why we can feel joy and sadness in my work. Usually, my ideas awake in the morning, when I lazily lie in bed. My mind is asleep, less rigid and I can think without barriers.


4. What's the best way you've heard your style described as? How would you describe it?

It was in Beautiful Decay, by Christina Nafziger If I had to summarize my work, I would say that I'm creating poetic representations of the yin yang where our own beauty is confronted with the consequences of our habits.


5. Do you have any upcoming exhibits or shows?

There is an upcoming event in London, England at the Parallax Art Fair on 22-July where I'll be exposing ten pieces of my Heritage collection. I'm also participating at the Coaster Show of the Los Angeles La Luz the Jesus Gallery from 2-Sep and 2-Oct. Otherwise I have other projects, but I can't share more at the moment. It is best to subscribe to my Instagram, Facebook or personal website to know firsthand when they happen.


6. If you weren't an artist what would you be doing?

A writer... and lucky me, my first novel will get published next month! The title is Terminus and the publisher is Éditions Sémaphore. It will be available on 16-Aug and I'm very excited about it!


7. Where would you love to see your artwork end up one day?

Art is medium to express myself and to share my visions with people. The best place my art can end up is in people's homes as it will mean that I got my message across.


8. From the start of a piece to the very end, what is your creative process?

I always sketch on tracing paper first, mixing new and old sketches until I have something that talks to me. Then, I leave it aside for a day or two, look at it with an open mind and let the message sink. When I'm ready, I take my magnifying glass out and lay down multiple layers of graphite.


9. What super powers would you have and why?

It may not be a super power, but a friend of mine calls me the Pencil Ninja ;p


10. What art medium would you like to be more proficient at?

I promised myself to develop my oil painting skills. I love the process and the patience it requires. I also like the smell; it brings me back to my childhood, to my first painting lessons during which my mother and grandmother would wait for me while drinking a coffee.


11. What is your favourite animal?

My favorite animal is the horse because of its strength and fragility, its gentleness and wildness. I can relate to them at times.


12. How much have you grown as an artist and person since you first started out?

I'm growing everyday and I don't see an end to this adventure. Creation is a time of reflection for me. It forced me to immerse myself in my matters and confront them.


13. Oreo or Fudgee-O cookies?

Oreo it's too straight... I definitely go for the Fudgee-O!


As always you can find this “Pencil Ninja’s” Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as her personal website. You can follow her work, and find out if she’ll have a show in your area. As she said above she has a show in England and another in California coming up. It’s only a matter of time before this world class artist from Montreal is showing at a place near you.

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