February 22nd, 2017
Jesse Gussow

It’s truly amazing what people use today to create art. Scott Kinney makes amazing sculptures using soccer balls. With the amazing and diverse designs on soccer balls it’s truly remarkable what his sculptures look like. Using this different medium to create art also has its own challenges that I’m sure many people wouldn’t think of. Scott's work is beautiful and very much unique. A definite conversation piece for sure.  



Where are you from?


I was born and raised in Riverside, California.



How did you get started on this journey?


Throughout my childhood I remember doodling all the time, and helping my dad with work around the house. Building tables, shelves, bookcases, and whatever we needed. However, I never took my creativity seriously until high school when I began painting and dabbling with graphic design.




How did you come up with using soccer balls to make sculptures? Why not footballs or volleyballs?


The theme for my undergrad solo exhibition was growing pains. I had multiple pieces from different stages of my life and I needed a piece that represented where I was at that time. I played soccer for Azusa Pacific University while I earned my BFA and I realized that soccer was a huge part of who I was at that time. Therefore, in my head it made sense to use soccer balls, even though I grew up playing a handful of sports.

Eventually I would like to create a series of work using other types of sports balls. However, soccer balls are ideal to work with because how they are designed using hexagons and pentagons all stitched together. When dismantled, the individual shapes are able to lay flat which is extremely helpful when applying them to the sculptures.




Where do you find inspiration for your sculptures?


The inspiration for these pieces stems from my time as a collegiate athlete and aspiring artist, and the struggle I had to fit into either of those societies. This resulted in a hybrid version of an athlete/artist which I try and emulate in my work. Each individual piece takes on the character of a teammate that I played with, which is often brought about by the color and design of the soccerballs, and how it correlates with their personality on and off the field.




How long does a piece typically take to create? What is the entire process like from start to finish?


I spend a great deal of time researching each piece before I start the physical sculpture, but once I get passed the research stage, they average 40-50 hours per piece.

I like to explain the process as a three dimensional puzzle. I first lay out the pieces and fit together the easiest parts. From there it's finding the right piece to fill each gap. Sometimes I find it right away, and other times it takes me three or four times before it matches up.



Are the teeth and antlers real or fake and if so how do you make them?


The teeth and antlers are a plastic reproduction of an set of teeth and antlers. They are similar to what taxidermist use in their process.



What do you do in your free time?


What free time? Haha! Free time is very rare for me but when I need a break from work I like to be outdoors and being active. Soccer, volleyball, hiking, or really anything that fits into those categories is usually what I do in my free time.




 Who makes the best soccer ball?


It really just depends, Nike and Adidas are the most available but it really comes down to what type of design I want to incorporate in the piece. Adidas's designs are more organic and flowing, which is more of a challenge to keep everything lined up and consistent. Where as Nike’s soccer ball designs tend to be more angular and linear. When laid flat, each panel lines up with the others. I think that is the reason why I tend to use Nike soccer balls more often.




If you had a time machine where would you go and why?


I think I would travel back to the Medieval Ages. During that time there was so much opportunity for discovery and invention. You survived based on how well you thought outside the box.




How have you grown as an artist since you first started and up to now?


Growing as an artist is something that comes with each piece that is made. Every minute I spend on a piece or researching something, adds to my skill and knowledge of how to be better. I think that when I first started making these pieces I was making them without a real purpose in mind. Now, as I make more, I see the story of who and what they are and where they fit into my world.




What can we expect from you this year?


This year is a production year. Lots of work to be made and I’ll be looking for ways to share with others. I’m hoping to have some group shows in preparation for a solo show in 2018.




On your phone, what sentence/five words would you phone say if you chose the middle option each time? *talking about when sending a text and it gives suggestions.


I’m good for Christmas treats




Do you prefer Oreo or Fudgee-O cookies? Or perhaps you have some other special treat you indulge in?


I would have to go with Oreo’s with a glass of milk. Never had a Fudgee-O before.



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