September 23rd, 2020
Jesse Gussow


Tattooist Steevie Knux is one versatile artist. Doing all kinds of styles of tattoos, with fantastic line work, solid shading and attention to detail. However, when you walk into his shop in downtown Ottawa, it’s the welcoming atmosphere and positive vibe in the shop. His desire to have every aspect of the tattoo be positive experience is amazing. His work has a nice balance with its dark, sexy, macabre or pop culture references and themes. His work is fun and easy to tell that someone took extreme pride in every aspect of what they created.


Where are you from?

Born and raised Gravelburg Saskatchewan and now in the national Capital Region.


How did you get interested in art?

I’ve always been interest. My dad was RCMP and whenever he changed posts he would buy me colouring books and pens and I’d colour and draw for hours, off into my own little world. Out of sight out of mind.


How long have you been tattooing for?

I’ve been doing it for nine sweet years.


What are you favourite tattoos do to?

I like bold thick line work with soft colours and pointillism.


How would you describe your style?

I don’t really have a style. I feel that people say I have a style and that they recognize my tattoos but I don’t see it. I hired a new tattoo artist in the shop, so I could have more time to help me discover myself and rediscover a specific style.


What do you want people to experience when they come into your shop?

Comfort firstly. Come in and feel at complete ease. People get intimidated by the tattoo experience. I’ve had people tell me that other shops are abrasive and not completely welcoming. I want to just welcome everyone in and feel safe and comfortable. I work extremely hard to make sure it’s a safe environment. Similar to a rollercoaster you want a thrill but you want to survive. I want everyone who comes into my shop to feel the rush or permanent art and to leave stoked and with a smile on their face.


What is your favourite dinosaur?

Pterodactyl. Cause they fly and I saw Pterodactyl porn and once you see that there’s nothing else that can satisfy.


If you weren’t a tattoo artist what job would you have?

I know I was put on earth to help people. I was a PSW, and I always felt that I was good at helping people who need help. That or a beach bum or recluse.



What is the best thing about what you do?

At first I wanted to be a game changer and push the limits of tattooing. But I’m a bit of a slow learner so it didn’t really work out. I instead just loved tattooing and wanted to help people share in the experience of getting a tattoo.


What’s a tattoo you are dying to put on someone?

I had a couple but I did them. I’ve been drawing more so I don’t really have any that I’m dying to put on someone. I'm still trying to rediscover my style, so I’m in no rush. I still want the opportunity to grow as an artist.


What do you do when you aren’t tattooing?

I’m always at the shop. Always worrying about the shop and the next steps. I’m always managing and doing supply runs and marketing. The shop is my life. I went to the beach three times this summer, and that was the extent of my free time.



What is the most insane thing that’s happened on your chair?

A girl that wanted me to tattoo teeth on her vagina. She bit her arm, and we made a print of that and then I tattooed it on her vagina.
Tattooing my best friend Johnny Fuckin’ Bravo’s face while blasting Slayer so loud that the windows were shaking.



Is there a style of tattoo that you loath to do when people ask?

I'm not a huge fan of Tribal, only because I feel people ask for it when they have a lack of imagination. It’s a lot of work, and they don’t want to pay for the time it takes to put in solid black.
As long as you are invested in your tattoo then I’m down but if they aren’t in love with it then it's less enjoyable.

If someone comes in with a trash tattoo but they love it then I’m stoked and down to do it. If you love it that’s all that matters I’ll kill that shit and make you proud.


What would this chapter of your life be titled?

Fall down seven times get up eight. Not really sure. What the Fuck might be good. Or the wacky and wild immigration of Steevie Knux. Something outlandish…The unbelievable journey. Or Oh my Fuck.
I feel that life just goes but when I finally get a minute to stop and reflect I feel like holy shit that was an intense ride.


Do you Prefer Oreo or Fudgee-O cookies?

Fudgee-Os they are bomb they have that little nipple on it at the end. The best.

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