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Photography by Vinterfall Photography

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Photography by Vinterfall Photography

Photography by Derek Bremner

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April 18th, 2018
Jesse Gussow

Performer Teta, of the Fuel Girls, is downright incredible.! You can see her currently in the show Inferno at the Paris Hotel and Casino. Having been part of the Fuel Girls now for over a decade, Teta is one seasoned performer. Her aerial part in the Inferno has you on the edge of your seat and standing up in full applause at its conclusion. She’s travelled the world performing with the Fuel Girls, which is a UK-based Pyrotechnic female troupe, which is also part of the Inferno show. She’s a stand-out and has a huge stage presence and is one absolutely thrilling performer!



Where are you from?

I'm from London, UK!



How did you get started performing?

Performing is all I've ever wanted to do since I was 5 years old. I've been performing professionally for the last 12 years!



How long have you worked with the Fuel Girls?

This May will mark my 10 year anniversary with the Fuel Girls!  It's been an amazing journey for me, and now to be performing in Vegas is such a dream!



What's your routine before a performance?

So, a good warm up is always important; I put on some music and stretch out, and I also have a few pre-show superstitions. They're completely illogical but I like to have them in my pre-show routine nonetheless! One funny illogical superstition is that early on in the rehearsal period Katie and I (another Fuel Girl) decided we look like bee keepers in our opening costume, which is long hooded robes. So every night as we walk on stage she bzzzz's at me and I bzzzz back!



If you weren't doing this, what job would you have? What's the worst job you've ever had and why?

I honestly don't know as I've always wanted to perform. I think when I cannot [do this] any longer I would love to get into the production side of shows or maybe stage management or show creation! As for bad jobs, I can't really think, I try and see all bad experiences at work as character building, haha!



Where did you learn you techniques? Are you self-taught or classically trained?

I'm a classically trained dancer and ballet was my first love. I worked initially as a dancer and then began learning fire and circus arts after I joined the Fuel Girls



Where did the idea for Inferno come from? How much work was involved before the opening?

The show Inferno has been running for 6 years with Joe Labero who is an illusionist from Sweden and has toured with the show in different forms over the years. When they decided to bring the show to Vegas they contacted The Fuel Girls to be featured in the show. Ronnie Nilsson plays "Animal" in the show and has been in previous versions of Inferno. Together with him we provide the fire and pyro stunts that run alongside Joe's illusions. We had 5 weeks of rehearsals at the beginning of the year, 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, it was a challenging but rewarding process!



As I was only able to attend one show, is every show the same or do you change things up?

We try and keep the basic structure of the show the same, but the content within it keeps evolving with new ideas and creative tweaks. As fire performers we like to train often and improve ourselves and I think this will show in small adjustments as the show continues.



What is your spirit animal?

I don't know about a spirit animal, but one of my nicknames is "Bambi" because I have big eyes and I'm super clumsy like Bambi on ice, haha!



What kind of music do you love performing to?

I'm a rock and metal girl so that music is my passion. But often I pick very dark, sensual and atmospheric tracks, and I like to find act songs that people wouldn't have heard before so I'm constantly searching!



Some people love fire and others are terrified of it. What's your relationship to fire?

I love fire; it's primal, beautiful and hypnotic. But I am very respectful of fire. I was involved in a serious accident with fire years ago, which certainly didn't deter me, but served as a reminder that what we do is very dangerous and not to take it for granted.



What places have you travelled to perform? Which have been your favourite thus far? Where haven't you been that you would love to go?

I've traveled all over the world with this job which is for me the best part! I've been everywhere from all over Europe, Russia, Australia, Chile, Seychelles, Canada as well as living in Asia and now Vegas! I absolutely love everywhere I've been in Asia, and Hong Kong is a favourite of mine as well as Thailand! Next on my list to visit is Bali, New Zealand and I would love, of course, to see more of the US!



How many tattoos do you have? Do any of them have a strong significance? I know for myself that most of my tattoos actually have little meaning for me now, because sometimes those things lose their meaning and that way I don't have a constant reminder on me forever, just wicked art.

A couple of them have personal meaning, but I totally agree that what means something to you one day, may not mean the same thing to you the next. I have 10 tattoos, a lot of which I've got on tour, so they remind me of fond memories with friends more than anything!



What is your specialty within the group performing at Inferno? What do you want to be more proficient at?

My specialty within the show is aerial; I have an aerial hoop which we set on fire in the show! I also have a special pyro moment at the end, as well as a small interlude of ballet, which I think is the only calm moment in the show! The beauty of this job is there is always more to learn, and I want to continue to grow both technically and as an artist in all that I do.



How long will the show continue to run?

I hope a long time! It's so fabulous to be in Vegas and I think the combination of fire and illusions is quite unique!



Do you prefer Oreo or Fudgee-O cookies?

Oh, I've yet to try Fudgee-O cookies! I'll have to try and report back! I'm loving all the Oreo flavours out here, as we definitely don't have such a range in the UK!

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