March 14th, 2018

Jesse Gussow


A short time ago I went with a friend to a local tattoo convention. While there, my friend bought a hand poke tattoo tool.  A couple of weeks later I got my first hand poke tattoo. I was hooked  with the look, but unfortunately it is not very common to find people doing hand poke tattoos. So when I found Vanessa Alexis aka iicefloors, and saw her work with hand poke, I was blown away! Her work is incredible as the art, designs and line work were bang on! Keep in mind that instead of a machine making all the dots to make solid lines, the artist is poking your skin with a single needle to do it. Therefore, it’s pretty time-consuming but the results are very impressive!

I was even more excited when I found out that Alexis is now also learning how to use a tattoo machine so that will allow her to make even more detailed works. I’ve never had any interest in going to Pennsylvania, but for some really awesome work from an up and coming artist, I think I might. 



Where are you from?

Philadelphia, Pa.



How did you get your start with hand poke tattoos?

I randomly stumbled upon some hand poked tattoos while scrolling through Instagram and I was like, what?!!! This is so cool I want to try it! So I did!



What style is your favourite to do?

I like heavy black :)



What's is it like being a model and now being a tattoo artist?

I wouldn’t really call myself a model, if you take pictures for free you’re not a model, hahaha.



How long does a hand poke tattoo take to complete?

Depending on what it is and how much detail, usually about 2 hours.



If there was an alternate universe that was the exact opposite of this one, what do you think your alternate you would be doing?

Hmm, I have no idea... hopefully tattooing there as well, hahaha.



Seeing how much quieter a hand poke is to a machine tattoo, does it allow for better communication while with the client? Or are you blasting some incredible music?

The tattoo shop I work at always has some music playing but really it depends on the client! Some people like to talk some don’t.



I saw that you are about to start learning how to do traditional machine tattoos. What made you want to expand to that style?

There are just so many designs I come up with that I just can’t really do with hand poking.



What's the one tattoo you've designed, but no one has gotten, that you are dying to do?

Hmm, there are so many! I want to do them all!



Do you prefer tattooing men or women?

Either or!



What is your favourite art to make, not just tattoos?

I love lady heads! My fave!



How much have you improved since you first started hand poke tattoos to now? What area do you think you can still get even better at?

I've improved so much! I was literally doing a million little dots at first, now I can create a solid line doing hand poked tattoos.. it’s cool!



What kind of books and music are you into?

I loveeeeeee rap music! But all music is good :) and as for books I don’t really read, I have a lot of art reference books that I love though!



What other tattooing methods are you going to learn?

Probably just gonna stick to the hand poked and machine tattoos!



Do you Prefer Oreo or Fudgee-O cookies?


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